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Why are so many geeks atheists? - 07 March, 2007
Jawad Shuaib says
This questions has been bothering me for a while now. If I were to do a statistical analysis of the various religions on Shuzak, it would most likely yield atheism as the most popular belief by a large margin. The second most popular belief is in Buddhism...which is more of a philosophy than a religion.

Anyway, I have a bunch of theories myself. But I would like you guys to start: Why, in your opinion, are so many geeks atheists?

p.s) Let's keep the religious bashing out of this one If this topic becomes interesting, we could turn it into a collaborative article using Google Documents and host it on Shuzak.
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Mad Ant says
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It was mentionned in another thread that geeks are attracked to philosophy, which doesn't often look to a God/Gods for answers.
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Tom says
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Geeks are seperated from the majority. The majority often believes in some sort of religion or divine being. The geeks think for themselves and decide they don't need a god or that there isn't one logically (as alot of geeks are proone to math, logic, statistics, etc.) Also, being anti-social or seperated from the group can cause a distorted ego, where YOU are god (i.e. - I feel like god when I'm writing programs), or because you possess secret knowledge (things most other people wouldn't bother with, but you're obcessed about, making you superior in some way).

Maybe? :O
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