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Privacy Concerns with Google - Suggest Alternatives - 02 June, 2007
Jawad Shuaib says
There's been a lot of fuss regarding Google's recent map feature that allows anyone to get a street view photos within major cities, hence compromising the privacy of those who are within the photos. Moreover, with the recent purchase of Feedburner, Google now knows what me and my readers are reading[*].

I think Google's increasing influence over our lives is becoming a major concern. For instance, Possum has had some bad person experience with the police using his web history against him. I was in conversation about this with someone yesterday, and I was asked if I knew of any search engines that do not record ip-addresses, or perhaps keep the searches completely anonymous (not storing any info regarding the searcher whatsoever). I don't know any myself, but I was hoping some of you might. Any suggestions?

Don't worry, I don't plan on searching "How to commit mass murder through falsifying intelligence regarding WMD's"

* There was a great post on this at Mashable.
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QuantumBeep says
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Using an identity-wiping proxy for browsing alleviates the IP-tracking issue. Data mining users is an ugly thing, but I have come to think that it's going to happen whether I like it or not.

I'm not very privacy-minded, since I'll probably never have anything I'd want to hide anyhow, but it's unsettling to constantly lose privacy they way we are.

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Jawad Shuaib says
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I wasn't too concerned about privacy issue either until I noticed that Orkut [*] was "accidently" displaying my postal code to everyone. Because I run a few popular communities on Orkut, I got some people doing Google Earth searches of where I live

I think data mining users will eventually stop in face of rising user concerns. Search engine companies are using any advantage they can get in order to surpass their competition. If Google stops doing it, MSN, Yahoo! and AltaVista will be forced to, too.

I thought of the proxy solution. But that's sort of one step too much for the average web user. Are there not search engines (albeit small) that do not collect the searcher's data?

* Google owned
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